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4 types of underwear for men with muscular legs

Few things in life prove more uncomfortable than an ill-fitting pair of underwear. You either spend the entire day in discomfort, or you surrender to a ditch effort in the bathroom that results in you going commando at the office all day. Gone are the days when men had to choose between boxers or briefs. Thankfully, we now live in an age when the best of those two worlds have.

4 types of underwear for men with muscular legs
4 types of underwear for men with muscular legs

Just because everyone deserves unseen comfort, Jumia Nigeria, the online shop you can trust has put together a list of boxers for men with big thighs:

Briefs: The new generation of briefs models on the market right now are sleeker and more stereotype-breaking than ever. And there’s a reason why you’ve seen footballers who put in the legwork like Cristiano Ronaldo wearing them in campaigns: they’re the best choice for guys with bigger thighs.

Boxers: If you’re not the kind of guy who regularly wears suit trousers or slim jeans, boxer shorts offer the greatest breathability and are far less revealing than any other style. However, that comes at a cost: boxers offer very little support down there.

Boxer-briefs: As is implied in the name, boxer briefs are the love-child of boxers and briefs: the shape of traditional boxer short, but cut on a more fitted block out of jersey material. Arguably, this is the most versatile style of underpants out there – not as revealing as briefs, but offering all the support of them with added thigh-skimming powers.

Trunk: The newest style on this list, trunks are a shorter version of the boxer-brief that has grown in popularity with the rise of super-skinny trouser styles. When it comes to length, these tend to sit from the mid to upper thigh. Some may come with a keyhole fly, but usually this style is flat-fronted and sometimes includes an extra pouch of fabric at the front for added support and enhancement.  

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