One of the Presidential aspirants who had vowed to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 presidential election, Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese, has declared for his supporters January 21st as “YesWeFit DAY.”

Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese
Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese

Mr. Ikubese who has YesWeFit as his political slogan, said it means Nigerians can achieve a new Nigeria devoid of the status quo of recycling old men without young and boisterous ideals which, according to him, has kept the country the way it is.

Mr. Ikubese who is a medical practitioner had, while declaring to unseat Buhari in 2019 under a political party, National Conscience Party (NCP), said that he joined the political arena because he saw the need to salvage the country from hardship and place it on the level among global counterparts in terms of true development.

He also said he is coming to represent the ordinary Nigerians who have been sidelined from governance and denied true dividend of democracy.

Enjoining his supporters and all Nigerians to wear a black and white T-shirt with inscription of YesWeFit at the back and front, the presidential aspirant said “a new Nigeria is possible.”


Sunday 21st January 2018 is *YesWeFit Day*.

“Everyone who believes in a New Nigeria is expected to put on a white or black T-shirt with *#YesWeFit* written at the front and back.

“Your wife/husband/children/dependents are to put on this T-shirt on that day as a mark of solidarity for a functional Nigerian state.

“For those going to church, you’re to put it on to church and for the rest of the day.

“You’ll snap pictures of yourselves on it that day and post on the social media.

“I wish you all a successful YesWeFit Day.

A New Nigeria is possible

Together we can


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