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2019: Declare for Presidency now, Group tells Atiku

The United Nigeria Group (TUNG) has asked former President Atiku Abubakar to immediately declare his decision to vie as President in 2019.

The group made this call at the end of its National Working Committee meeting where it asserted that the virtues of Atiku Abubakar were endearing for all Nigerians to support his candidacy in 2019.

Atiku Abubakar
Atiku Abubakar

TUNG noted that the Atiku answered the nation’s need for a leader with the capacity to engage everyone and make them feel inclusive.

Contained in a statement by National spokesman, TUNG, Dr Emenena Bright, the group urged Nigerians not to be complacent in determining their President in 2019, but vote en masse in the forthcoming general elections.

The group especially charged the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to, even as an opposition party, be irresolute in advancing democracy by ensuring that their candidates emerge through a free and fair process.

In particular, TUNG said it was imperative for the PDP to allow its candidates at all levels debate on issues to enable the electorates to be convinced of their mettle.

Furthermore, TUNG decried the challenging economic and security situation of the country, advocating for restructuring as a solution.

“We take special cognisance of the economic and security situation of the country especially in view of the recent kidnapping of school girls and wish to state that these are symptoms of our present form. We must therefore seriously consider our structure. We are aware that form affects function.

“We once again wish to raise an alarm on the divisions and disunity that are rife and are now on a dangerous scale. There is an urgent need to put a stop on this downward spiral of the strength of the bonds that hold us together as a nation.

“The need for a leader with the capacity to engage everyone and make them feel inclusive cannot, therefore, be overemphasized. In view of the above, we want to reaffirm our unalloyed support for the candidacy of His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and are asking him to officially declare his candidacy now.

“We want to also encourage all citizens to stop being complacent. We understand how hopeless it feels right now, but 2019 offers a renewed hope if only we get involved. Voting is a right of every eligible citizen, the PVC is your tool towards implementing that right. We must, therefore, thrive to overcome all the obstacles thrown at us in trying to get the PVC and ensure that yours is ready.

“We also want to call on the PDP as the major opposition party to continue to advance democracy by making the process of selection of the candidates for election free and fair. Even as an opposition party, the PDP can take democracy to the next level by allowing her presidential candidates to debate the issues before the electorates and would-be delegates before the primaries as it is done in other advanced democracies. It is important for the electorates to hear from the candidates what they intend to do and how they intend to achieve them,” the statement read.


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