The candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) has said that he is the best man to fix Ekiti State and bring the state out of the economic doldrums.


Speaking in Ekiti during a familiarization tour to Omuo community on Friday, Otunba Segun Adewale popularly known as Aeroland described Ekiti state as one of the least viable in the country and more so in the south west region; stating that the state needs the urgent intervention of a visionary leader in so many areas.

Adewale said his first point of call if given the opportunity by the people of Ekiti to steer the state, will be to concentrate on electricity; he lamented that in the course of his engagement with the people, he was touched by the continued suffering of many communities still under total darkness.

He said that some communities in the state have been under total darkness for the past four years and that the only University in Ekiti where the young people of the state can develop themselves, gets electricity for only 2 hours a day. He asked how our students can get the best in such conditions.

Adewale said no investor will think of Ekiti as it is presently without power supply. He said, he will partner with stakeholders in the sector and electricity providers on how to increase supply to all the communities. He says that he has already made projections on how to invest about $3m to generate 10 megawatts (Off grid) in each of the three senatorial districts in the state in partnership with private sector.

Adewale says that he is confident that with right investment in the power sector, the state will begin to attract investors and that even right now, he is already speaking with a number of potential investors who have interests in agriculture, construction and others.

Adewale said that from his practical experience, Ekiti State will grow economically when young people are given opportunities through entrepreneurship; he says that his plan is to train 15,000 young people yearly in different fields and support them with soft loans to set up and in turn employ other people.

He says that he is confident that many young people will be taken off the streets through entrepreneurship; they will be able to cater for their parents without having to wait for government to give them one cup of rice and beans as currently being practiced by the government of the day. He says that he is more interested in teaching people how to fish than giving them fish because while the earlier is sustainable, the latter is not.

He says that mass housing schemes are possible in the state and this is very key to the masses who might never on the account of their take home pay build houses of their own in their lifetime but that the state can partner with property development companies and mortgage institutions to provide facilities that can allow the people acquire homes and pay over a stretched period of time.

Adewale said, Ekiti does not need a government that will treat people like they are destitute by giving them handouts and Christmas clothes but a government that will help the people achieve their God given potentials by giving them the opportunity.

He said teachers and pensioners should not be owed any kobo as is the case presently and that, rather for work to be incentivized, the workers are being discouraged. He lamented the fact that Ekiti civil servants are owed 7 months salaries while pensioners have not received payments for the past 11 months but the governor and his aides’ payments are up to date.

Adewale says that a new Ekiti is possible where all will be able to grow and achieve their dreams through the concerted efforts of the people and the leaders.

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